plant monday – coppertone stonecrop

Plant of the week –
Common Name: coppertone stonecrop
Botanical Name: sedum nussbaumerianum

I’m feeling the succulents love lately [and I feel I should post more plants for the warmer climates since they are just as lovely]. They require very little maintenance and watering so it’s ok to “forget” about the one you bought at the store and tucked away somewhere. Another great thing about these plants is they all start easily from cuttings.

This succulent has cylindrical foliage that turns a magnificent coppertone colour in the sun. A fairly low growing, compact plant that produces lightly fragrant white  flowers in a flat topped umbel-like inflorescence. Sedum nussbaumerianum was first discovered by Carl Albert Purpus at a sulfur spring in a ravine at Zacuapan in Vera Cruz, Mexico in 1906/1907 but was later described in 1923 by the German botanist Bitter who named it for Ernst Nussbaumer, the head gardener at the Bremen Botanic Garden in Germany. It was in cultivation under the name Sedum adolphi in California in 1944, and it wasn’t until 2002 when it was given the marketing name Coppertone by Magic Growers Nursery of  California.

For those of us in colder zones this plant looks wonderful in a planter making a colourful collection of succulents or mixed in with annuals.

Description – succulent
Hardiness Zone – 9-11
Exposure – full sun to part shade
Mature Height – 8″
Bloom Time – late winter-early spring
Bloom Colour – white
Scent – slightly fragrant 

photo credit – Canada Plants

9 thoughts on “plant monday – coppertone stonecrop

  1. Thanks you for visiting my blog and ‘liking’ it! Yours is such fun and so well informed too: I look forward to following you. unfortunately I do not spend enough time in the garden, too many other interests, but I am still an enthusiast:)

  2. I was given this plant as a gift by my pastor. It has some missing leaves and very little left. My son knocked it over. I gave not replanted it I never was good at plants but I like this one please help!

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