shoo, bunny

This sweet-looking bunny lives in the wooded swamp area right beside our house and is always on the front lawn. I never thought much of it and enjoyed the cute little animal nibbling on the grass until I noticed him getting closer and closer to the house.

I had planted the dianthus seedlings I grew indoors over winter in one of the front garden beds and noticed some buds were about to open, so a few days later I checked again to see if the flowers were open and saw this –

It seems as though this bunny likes snacking on my flowers.

And my strawberries.

I have had to chase him out of the garden several times this week, so I did some reading on different things to try and deter bunnies and other animals from the garden. Some of which seem so silly to me, like human hair and moth balls! No thanks.
I did try sprinkling garlic powder around the beds and thought it was working since he wasn’t coming near the garden, but I saw him in there early this morning. If anyone has any suggestions of a good organic rabbit or small critter repellent… suggest away.  I need him to stay away.


11 thoughts on “shoo, bunny

  1. Oh no, that’s so frustrating. I’m afraid I don’t have the answer. I struggle with mice, slugs and snails! They always eat the “wrong” plants!

  2. Try the hot pepper sauce. Human hair works as well, but I see that is not a viable option for you. Try loudly espousing your love of Hasenpheffer? Of course, that was a joke. = )

  3. I actually planted celery in my garden in the hopes the local bunny would come & eat it!! Haha. Unfortunately, the celery died. 😦 Ah, well. I’ll have to admire “bun bun” from afar…

  4. This year I have a bunny problem too, and have found that Liquid Fence works– we were already using it for the deer, and it seems to help. And we’ve been trapping and evicting them too. And occasionally catching raccoons as well.

  5. I hate to say it, but you moved in next door to his house, so you should try to make good neighbors with him.

    With my resident munchers, squirrels, I have just decided to share, and move on. I brought a planter of strawberries indoors, left the rest outside for Mr Squirrel to enjoy.

    If he digs up my plants, I replant them, and remind myself, he is looking for food to survive, I moved in to his habitat, and we always cause their resources to dwindle for natural food. Therefore,

    I share, and replant, and let the Animals that count on what they can find to eat to survive eek out their living. They can’t go to Whole Foods, I can.

  6. I know human hair seems silly, but I’ve heard it works. I’ve also heard fertilizing with bloodmeal can help. There are always physical barriers — fence around the beds where bunnies are problematic. I assume there are plenty of food sources around without bunny eating my flower buds, however delectable they might be.

  7. Oh dear, it’s so hard to deter these adorable little bunnies from coming near your precious plants. Other that putting in a fence and making sure it goes down into the ground about 3 feet, I have no advice.

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