plant monday – trollius ‘cheddar’

Plant of the Week –
Common Name: globeflower
Botanical Name:  trollius x cultorum

Gracing gardens since the 16th century, these marvelous yellow-hued blooms inspired their name, which translates to “basin” in Latin or “globe” in German. Globeflowers are undemanding perennials that look best en masse and are the perfect choice for the waters’ edge, a boggy spot, or the border, given a moisture retentive, organic-rich soil and shelter from hot sun.

Tissue-like petals fashion an exquisite, nearly double, shallow open cup. Casting a soft feminine mood on the garden, the sumptuous blooms pose above an attractive mound of shiny foliage carved into small sections. A Dutch introduction, Cheddar deserves to find its way into more gardens, where it will flourish in damp open sites and make a great companion with other shade-loving perennials.

Description – perennial
Hardiness Zone – 3-8
Exposure – partial sun
Mature Height – 2ft
Bloom Time – early summer
Bloom Colour – yellow
Scent – none

photo credit –

7 thoughts on “plant monday – trollius ‘cheddar’

  1. This is one I will have to reintroduce in my woodland garden! I had a different colour a few years back & didn’t care for it. But this one is beautiful and I love the yellow!

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