Also known as Summer Snapdragon.
Angelonia angustifolia 

“Angelonias made their appearance on the gardening scene in the late 1990s. The first cultivars available, such as the 1998 Florida Plant of the Year, Hilo Princess, were beautiful, but had some problems. Growing up to 3 feet tall, these plants were rather leggy and tended to sprawl. Breeders and plant development companies, however, saw the great potential in this fine plant, and worked on expanding the color range and producing types that are stockier, shorter and heavy-flowering.”

This lovely variety is Serena Purple. I have grown the purple variety for a couple of years, though Serena also comes in lavender, pink and white. A friend is growing the white in her garden this year and I love how it looks – all pretty and dainty. I might have to try the white with the purple next year.
Its heat tolerance is another great thing about this plant. It is one of my very few annuals that can tolerate our heat waves.

My plants are always covered in blooms from spring to frost and spread quite nicely without looking leggy. This is one of those annuals I wish were a perennial here, but I’m happy replanting them each year. If you have not tried these in your garden, I recommend giving them a go. The butterflies go crazy !


3 thoughts on “angelonia

  1. I will make a mental note as I would love more butterflies and this flower is really pretty. I think I’ve seen one somewhere… Did you grow them from seed?

  2. I’m going to have to look this one up to see if it’s available in England because it isn’t familiar to me (yet). I am smiling because, new to your Blog, when I saw the email, I mistakenly thought that Angelonia was your name! Have a great weekend in your garden.

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