plant monday – cleome ‘rose queen’

Plant of the Week –
Common Name: spider flower
Botanical Name: cleome hassleriana

Rose Queen holds its fragrant 4-6 inch flower clusters and narrow seed pods aloft on tall, sturdy stem that will create a focal point in the back of a border all summer. Their airy effect also makes them useful as fillers among plants of similar height, such as dahlias. This South America native will thrive in ordinary soil and full sun with little care. The blooms will attract beneficial insects to your garden and will also attract butterflies and hummingbirds which will give you hours of enjoyment!

Cleome begins flowering in early summer when hot weather begins and doesn’t quit until the temperature drops in fall. These sun-loving annuals reach impressive heights and are easy to start from seed.

Description – annual
Hardiness Zone – N/A
Exposure – full sun
Mature Height – 4 ft
Bloom Time –  summer
Bloom Colour – rose pink 
Scent – very fragrant 

photo from Google images

3 thoughts on “plant monday – cleome ‘rose queen’

  1. I was actually talking about the lovely cleome with a friend of mine last night. She was telling me that on a regular basis, she gets volunteer (or as she called them “self sowing”) cleome’s in her garden, so she always has their lovely blooms in her garden. Beautiful! Thanks for the extra information about them!

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