just hanging out

Beautiful fuchsia.


9 thoughts on “just hanging out

  1. When I was young–around five or so, I was afraid to go out in our front yard because the hummingbirds got so territorial with the many fuchsias we had in the garden. They used to dive bomb us when we went near the bushes! Love these beautiful photos–such vibrant color!

  2. One of my forever faves and do I have a story for this!!!!
    One time when I was deadheading impatiens in my MA. garden a woman walking her dog happened by ( front garden, busy inner city street) and said NOTHING as her animal wandered off the sidewalk into my garden. Right as I was about to say (scream) “watch out!!” he broke the just bloomed flower off my new-that-season fuschia and snapped the stem!!!!! Omg, I was SO livid!!! They continued on their way without so much as an apology…or even a shrug!!!!
    Yours looks beautiful and Big enough to be safe! 😉 !!

    • Oh no, I would have been very upset as well. Luckily our house is back quite a bit from the road, so any walking dogs don’t come near the front gardens.

  3. I worked in a country garden center for a few years and these have always been one of my favourite. We’d hang them in a couple of lanes, 50 in a row make a giant impact. Sadly, I could never have them in my yard. I lived in the country and didn’t have an enough of a shade/sheltered spot for them. Maybe next yard. Thanks for visiting my Blog

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