my seed balls are going to 1st grade

My daughter’s grade 1 class has been planting seeds for their classroom to give kids the responsibility of being attentive to their own pot, nurturing the seeds with water and light, and watching their hard work blossom. They have planted marigolds, zinnias, California blue bells and asters. Of course, I would love to know which varieties they have planted, but the newsletter that was sent home didn’t have that information, heh.

I saw her teacher on Friday we talked about the fun craft of making paper seed balls. She seemed very intrigued and asked if we could make some up for the class to plant as well, and include instructions so they could get messy making some themselves. My daughter already being the master at making these with me loves this idea. Yesterday, we stopped by the store and picked up cosmos ‘purity’ and ‘savannah pink’ seeds. These are the ones we are going to send to school tomorrow. I think cosmos will be fun in the classroom.

The bowl on the right has the balls with cosmos seeds. We also made other seed balls that she wants to give to grandma. They have a mix of shasta daisies, marigolds ‘zenith mixed’, snapdragons ‘frosted flames’, poppies ‘ladybird’, asters ‘princess mix’, pink bellflowers, left over cosmos and geraniums ‘appleblossom’ – all seeds picked by the kid. We used 100% recycled paper pulp instead of just newspaper so they turned out a little prettier this time. We picked up mesh bags with pink ribbon at a craft store, so now they are ready for their trip to school on Monday.

We also had fun experimenting new ways to make seed balls that involved these items –
[post to come later…]


9 thoughts on “my seed balls are going to 1st grade

  1. What a great idea, I’ve heard about seed bombs, and I’ve even tried germinating larger seeds by wrapping damp soil around them and then putting them into a plastic bag or container. But for some reason my brain hadn’t thought of paper gloop. Brilliant. And I see how kids would love this 🙂

  2. Clearly I am the only stupid reader of your blog, but I do not understand what seed balls are, how you make them, or how you use them!! Anyway, they look very pretty in their bowls and presumably you give one to each child? As to the cutters and coloured paper, well I am feeling so unimaginative now:)

    • Did you read my post on making seed balls a few weeks back? I should have grabbed the link before I started this reply. Seed balls [or seed bombs] are a big part of Guerrilla gardening –
      I normally make them with recycled paper, but can also be made with soil, red clay and peat moss. You toss the bombs in hard to reach areas or anywhere that needs a little brightening up with flowers or herbs. Just add in some water and the seeds will sprout. They are fun to make.

      • Thanks I’ve been back and read your earlier blog and also followed your link: what a lovely idea. But some of the earlier ideas were not so good, plastic and glass!! I love the idea of recycling the paper.

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