lilies of the garden

Lilies are a favourite of mine. They perform beautifully no matter the temperature, weather or humidex levels. While this scorching sun and some hard rains have killed off the last of my peony blooms, made the dahlia leaves limp and the roses wilty-looking, the lilies look amazing through it all. The temps are going to be in the low 40’s [celsius, that is] with the humidex this week.
Though the colouring does fade a bit in the sun, they are still lovely with very striking colours. My husband’s brother’s new girlfriend stopped on her way up our front porch to look at the lilies in bloom yesterday afternoon.

Here are a few from the garden. I adore peachy-pink lilies with Melissa Jamie being my favourite and Buff Pixie a very close second. Miss Alice, Pink Pixie and Blackout have yet to open their buds.

Melissa Jamie 

Raspberry on Whip, this had a darker raspberry colour in the centre when it first opened

Buff Pixie

Peach Butterflies


Lollypop, almost looks like someone spray painted the petals

New Wave, so simple yet so stunning

Red Galaxy


12 thoughts on “lilies of the garden

  1. Lovely! I’ve been having problems the past few years with squirrels eating my Asiatic Lilies as the lilies start to emerge in the Spring. I still have quite a few lilies, but not as many as I once had. Shoo, squirrels, shoo!

  2. So gorgeous and so photogenic. I think Stargazer are my favourites. I didn’t see them in your line-up today, but I did see lots of others to make my mouth water!

  3. Thanks for dropping by our blog. I’m delighted to have found your own, with its great photos and lots of interesting info. I really like the concept of a “Monday plant” and I was particularly taken with the Lilies post.

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