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This is a list of plants featured in ‘Plant of the Week’. Plants that are on my mind from week to week will be posted each Monday. If you have a plant you would like me to feature just let me know.
To find a post use the search button on home page which is located at the very bottom and type in the plant you want to see.

Cleome ‘Rose Queen’ – Jun 25-Jul 1, 2012
Coleus ‘Dipt in Wine’ – Jun 18-24, 2012
Pulmonaria ‘Raspberry Splash’ – Jun 11-17, 2012
Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’ – Jun 04-10, 2012
Camellia ‘Kramer’s supreme’ – May 28-Jun 03, 2012
Butterfly Plant ‘Ice Ballet’ – May 21-27, 2012
Peony ‘Garden Treasure’ – May 14-20, 2012
Aquilegia ‘Black Barlow’ – May 07-13, 2012
Cinnamon Fern – Apr 30-May 06, 2012
Supertunia ‘White Russian’ – Apr 23-29, 2012
Canna ‘Pretoria’ – Apr 16-22, 2012
Eastern Redbud – Apr 09-15, 2012
Bougainvillea ‘Bengal Orange’ – Apr 02-08, 2012
Forsythia ‘Northern Gold’ – Mar 26-Apr 01, 2012
Tulip ‘Antoinette’ – Mar 19-25, 2012
Caladium ‘White Queen’ – Mar 12-18, 2012
Rose ‘Blue Bajou’ – Mar 05-11, 2012
Coppertone Stonecrop [Sedum] – Feb 27-Mar 04, 2012
Dicentra ‘Gold Heart’ – Feb 20-26, 2012
Double-Flowered Bloodroot – Feb 13-19, 2012
Japanese Dwarf Flowering Quince – Feb 06-12, 2012
Elderberry ‘Black Lace’ – Jan 30-Feb 05, 2012
Coneflower ‘Double Decker’ – Jan 23-29, 2012
Hydrangea ‘Ayesha’ – Jan 16-22, 2012
Delphinium ‘Red Caroline’ – Jan 09-15, 2012
Virginia Bluebells – Jan 02-08, 2012
Hosta ‘Great Expectations’ – Dec 26, 2011-Jan 01, 2012
Dahlia ‘Santa Claus’ – Dec 19-25, 2011
Clematis ‘John Paul II’ – Dec 12-18, 2011
Datura ‘Double Golden Queen’ – Dec 05-11, 2011

Plumeria ‘Singapore’ – Nov 28-Dec 04, 2011
Iris ‘Vienna Waltz’ – Nov 21-27, 2011
Peony ‘Karl Rosenfield’ – Nov 14-20, 2011
Blue False Indigo – Nov 07-13, 2011


6 thoughts on “featured plants

  1. Have you ever heard of Bloodroot- Sanguinaria canadensis? Native Americans used it for an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal remedy and make-up. Now scientists think it might even be helpful in skin cancers.

    I understand that it doesn’t grow well from seed; you need roots to propagate. I’d love to grow some, but I think it’s too hot in my area.

  2. My fiance is trying to grow a ground cover in a shady spot in our yard next to the house. He has picked Lilly of the Valley, but it did nothing last year. I mean literally nothing. It didn’t die and it didn’t grow. It was like it was in stasis…lol.
    Would you know what we have done wrong? I’m not so sure on flowers…

      • Lily of the Valley may take a while to get established, especially if the plants were small to begin with. There’s that old saw about perennial plants: the first year they sleep, the second they creep; the third they leap.

        You don’t mention where you’re located and that can make a big difference too.

  3. Thank You for all the tips! I appreciated it. I am located in the St. Louis Wid-West area in the US. I will let my fiance in on the tips. Maybe in about by next year the Lilly of the Valley will have taken off! Thanks Again.

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