A list of things to work into my design of a dream garden.

  1. colourful flower beds and borders
  2. private garden hideaway
  3. welcoming front garden
  4. play structure for children
  5. water feature
  6. greenhouse
  7. foundation plantings with year-round interest
  8. arbors or other structures
  9. garden shed for potting and storage
  10. rose garden

Things to keep in mind.

  • size and shape of lot
  • size and location of the house
  • location and sizes of paths and driveway
  • overhead and underground utility lines
  • trees and shrubs I intend to keep
  • north, so I know sun and shade patterns
  • desirable, as well as objectionable, views
  • drainage issues that will influence design



2 thoughts on “design

  1. I love your idea to have a private garden hideaway – I think for that I’d choose a pergola with climbing roses or clematis. I have many ideas for my perfect garden, but I haven’t made a list yet, so you’re one step ahead of me! I guess I’d also want a pond with a pretty bridge. Anyway, it obvious that once I start dreaming it becomes no longer a garden, but a park…

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