The urn along our walkway still had the pansies and violas I planted back in early April. They had filled out to an impressive width and height that it didn’t look attractive anymore, and the heat has been a little hard on them, so something fun and summery was needed.

I strolled the local garden centre up and down, grabbing all sorts of plants, then putting some back, picking up new ones, putting others back… I couldn’t picture how well any of the plants would look together in the urn. Some days my mind can’t get into the creative groove. I must have spent 2 hours there and this isn’t a big garden centre like the nursery in the next town over where I normally go.

I had read rave reviews recently about fan flower and found some Whirlwind White from Proven Winners. Without having much of a plan in mind I grabbed 2 of those, 2 Supertunia Mini Purple, 2 deep red geraniums, and a sweet potato vine. Here is the urn all put together –

It doesn’t look too bad I suppose.

I also have to rave about fan flower. I love it. Its trailing habit is a great feature. It is now in with my favourite annuals and I will be adding this to my containers every year.

Scaveola aemula [fan flower], which is an Australian native, has rounded basal leaves and narrower stem leaves on prostrate stems that reach only 6 to 8 inches high but grow 2 or more feet long. The flowers appear on only one side which gives it a fan-like appearance. There were also some pretty blues and purples available, but the white I found very striking. It is definitely a trailing annual that will add lots of character to those planters.


a deck full of flowers

Ok, so I didn’t leave them there, but they looked pretty all lined up waiting to be planted.

This gorgeous spring weather that has finally arrived, and looks to be staying, had me in the garden deciding on annuals to plant. Though the last 2 nights were dancing around the freezing mark, thankfully didn’t go that low and everything in the garden was just fine. This long weekend is supposed to be just lovely and feeling close to 30 C. So, I did a little annual flower shopping yesterday and came home with 3 yellow calibrachoa, 6 coral pink hybrid dahlias, 2 carry baskets of mixed hybrid dahlias – 6 in each, 2 purple bicolour dahlias, 1 dark night dahlia, and 3 fame yellow petunias. Maybe I’m getting impatient waiting for my dahlias to bloom [of the ones I started over winter, I planted them in the garden a few days ago] which could be the reason for my large dahlia purchase.
I took out the violas I had planted in the flower boxes back in April that are along the porch to put in another garden, and used some dahlias and calibrachoa to fill the empty boxes.

Some of the mixed dahlias went into a pot for the porch and everything else I planted in the garden. Here is a closer look at the mixed dahlias and the purple bicolour dahlia with the dark night dahlia in the background.

I think I’ll redo the urn on our walkway which still has the lovely looking violas and pansies, but I want something more summery. I consider the violas and pansies for spring so by the end of this month I’ll probably fill it with petunias. I really like the fame yellow petunias I planted in the front of the garden bed, so it looks like a trip back to the garden centre for those it will be.

a mother’s day gift

Being able to grow food for my family is a plan in the making – long time in the making. Where and how I would like to have my raised vegetable bed just isn’t possible at this time. Our large dog is a destroyer [just a few days ago he chewed through a garden hose], so until he calms down there will be no garden beds in the backyard. Anything I have attempted to grow he has eaten, even if it wasn’t food.

My oldest daughter and I have talked about growing strawberries in the large pot to put on the front porch. So when my husband took her to the store to get a Mother’s Day gift she knew exactly what she wanted to get. A strawberry plant ! She is so excited to watch the strawberries grow and we both can’t wait to eat them.

Happy Mother’s Day !

violas and pansies everywhere

I made a productive day out of Easter Monday when my mum took the girls for a few hours and my husband had to work. I did dream of having quiet time on the couch, reading and sipping tea, but I had wanted to fill the flower boxes on the porch with violas so I headed out to a nearby farmers market to see what they had. It was a very cold, cloudy and windy day, though I still wanted to do some flower shopping. Do you know how hard it is pushing a stroller with one hand and pulling a cart filled with flowers with the other hand at a nursery ? I did it more than once last summer when the littlest was just a wee newborn, so being able to get out by myself and shop for flowers was very relaxing and peaceful for me. At this point there is mostly just violas and pansies available and a few hardy shrubs. The temp goes below freezing at night still, but in the next month everything should be available at the nurseries and I’ll be able to make up more annual flower pots !

sorbet blue heaven viola

sorbet coconut duet viola


There are 4 of these flower boxes along the porch. It has been windy all week so I’ve had to fix them up a few times. And on a side note – we are going to strip the paint on the porch and re-do it this summer. It looks horrible right now.

I got a little carried away and bought more than what I needed to do the flower boxes. I wanted to fill the urn as well so I picked up pansies and a few more violas for that, then a pot of pansies for the front door.

matrix sunrise pansy and one matrix yellow blotch pansy

sorbet antique shades viola and not pictured are two sorbet blueberry cream viola

The finished urn

And a pansy pot

Pansies are a new thing for me. Honestly, I never found them attractive. I think it’s such a common flower for spring and fall that I was tired of seeing them. But, I have become quite fond of them now and appreciate their beauty. I do love the little violas though – such beautiful, delicate little flowers.

snowed in

Just some pictures of my winter pot arrangements in the snow. Not much going on in my world at the moment. Just lots of sleepless nights from a 7-month old that has recently decided she doesn’t want to sleep at night anymore. I will be writing (blogging) down my plans for the front gardens in a wee bit as I get back into spring mode soon. I’m excited to get it planned, but this lack of sleep has my mind in a fog right now.