waiting on the roses

A few of you may remember a post on the bare root roses I planted just over a month ago. All three are doing very well and leafed out in no time at all, so I thought I would share some photos.

One rose bush is covered in with these tiny buds ! After doing some reading when I planted the roses I came to the conclusion that I would not see any of them in bloom this year, but possibly the next season. I guess bare root roses are somewhat behind in growth than the potted roses, and since I saw rows and rows of them in bloom at a garden centre a few weeks ago and in other gardens I figured there would be no rose blooms this year. But, earlier this week I noticed at least 10 buds on one plant. I haven’t noticed any on the other two just yet though. If only one plant blooms this summer I’ll be very happy with that.


6 thoughts on “waiting on the roses

  1. Love your roses. Starting out as bare root roses, they are looking very strong and are already budding out. Wow, we are jealous! We rescued a few bare root roses a few weeks ago, found half dead at the nursery. They are finally strong enough to produce a few leaves. Can’t wait for them to bloom. Thanks for sharing.

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