plant monday – tiarella ‘spring symphony’

Plant of the Week –
Common Name: foam flower
Botanical Name: tiarella ‘spring symphony’

Spring Symphony is a reblooming, clump-forming variety that produces a mass of dainty flower spikes containing white stars that open below a tight, apple-blossom-pink poker of buds. These are underpinned by vivid green, fingered leaves etched in black along the midribs. The combination of dark veining and sprays of bridal-white flowers is especially beguiling and fresh in spring.

Tiarellas are commonly known as foam flowers due to their frothy blooms. They take their generic name, tiarella, from the crown-shaped fruit; it literally means little tiara. They are closely allied to heucheras and both are members of the saxifrage family. Generally, however, tiarellas prefer moister soil and more shade than heucheras. Most tiarellas are plants for humus-rich soil in shade or semi-shade. Some are tight clump-formers, others spread a little and some are rampant. Spring Symphony would mingle well with other dainty woodlanders and a must for every garden !

Description – perennial
Hardiness Zone – 4-9
Exposure – partial shade
Mature Height – 10″
Bloom Time – spring
Bloom Colour – pink
Scent – none

photo from Google images

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