nepeta is taking over

Dropmore Blue Catmint
 Nepeta x faassenii

This plant has spread like wildfire this season. It has filled in a corner of one of my garden beds quite nicely, right beside a rhododendron. Though I have noticed it is migrating behind and around the rhododendron so I may have to cut the plant back some. This nepeta will bloom profusely for the entire summer which is what I love so much about this plant. The lavender blue flowers offer a slight scent, but the foliage is very fragrant. So much so that most people that walk up our front steps ask if that scent is from the peonies. I don’t remember the scent being this strong last year, but I love stepping out the front door each morning when the scent seems to be at its strongest. So lovely.


7 thoughts on “nepeta is taking over

  1. I have two small plants that planted just a couple of months ago and they’ve just started to flower! 🙂 Glad to see you say such nice things about it, since I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to plant it or not when I decided to try it.

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