hostas… in the sun

I may have very sunny gardens which I find is hard to grow anything during the summer with the heat and humidity – the ones in the front receive about 8 hours of sun a day during the summer and experience a lot of wilting in the afternoon hours. Not exactly good for hostas, but there they are, five hostas that seem to thrive where they are, sun and all !

A couple of plants did get leaf scorch on one or two leaves last summer, but the heat was very intense most days. This hosta is Guacamole. I have two of them and the colouring is just gorgeous. An avocado green with darker green margins and a perfect heart shape.

I’m not completely sure what this one is, might be Fire & Ice. I love how the leaves look as though they have been painted. They remind me of brushstrokes on canvas.

And my newest hosta – Gold Standard. I have two planted among the rose bushes. The leaves of this one are stunning, a creamy yellow with deep green margins.

I find the blue hostas very fascinating. With blue being somewhat rare in the garden I think it would be neat to add intense blue foliage in with perennials. They might be one to add to a shade garden when we get the backyard finished.


11 thoughts on “hostas… in the sun

  1. Amazing they survive the sun! Lovely coloured leaves. Hostas are so pretty and I feel they often don’t get the attention they deserve!

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