a deck full of flowers

Ok, so I didn’t leave them there, but they looked pretty all lined up waiting to be planted.

This gorgeous spring weather that has finally arrived, and looks to be staying, had me in the garden deciding on annuals to plant. Though the last 2 nights were dancing around the freezing mark, thankfully didn’t go that low and everything in the garden was just fine. This long weekend is supposed to be just lovely and feeling close to 30 C. So, I did a little annual flower shopping yesterday and came home with 3 yellow calibrachoa, 6 coral pink hybrid dahlias, 2 carry baskets of mixed hybrid dahlias – 6 in each, 2 purple bicolour dahlias, 1 dark night dahlia, and 3 fame yellow petunias. Maybe I’m getting impatient waiting for my dahlias to bloom [of the ones I started over winter, I planted them in the garden a few days ago] which could be the reason for my large dahlia purchase.
I took out the violas I had planted in the flower boxes back in April that are along the porch to put in another garden, and used some dahlias and calibrachoa to fill the empty boxes.

Some of the mixed dahlias went into a pot for the porch and everything else I planted in the garden. Here is a closer look at the mixed dahlias and the purple bicolour dahlia with the dark night dahlia in the background.

I think I’ll redo the urn on our walkway which still has the lovely looking violas and pansies, but I want something more summery. I consider the violas and pansies for spring so by the end of this month I’ll probably fill it with petunias. I really like the fame yellow petunias I planted in the front of the garden bed, so it looks like a trip back to the garden centre for those it will be.


5 thoughts on “a deck full of flowers

  1. The pale pinks of the dahlias and the yellow of the petunia go really nicely together. It’s amazing that we have the same weather all these miles apart… the last 3 or 4 nights have been around freezing point. And now they’ve forecast sunshine and temperatures in the upper 20s! πŸ˜€

  2. How beautiful. And to think you are just leaving freezing temperatures. Here in Arizona it will be 108 F. We get zinnias, marigolds and vinca. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful spring day.

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