blossoming trees

Purple leaf sand cherry tree. This tree doesn’t get as much leaves or flowers as I think it should. Probably because it has been planted under large pine trees and doesn’t receive enough sun. Still pretty when in bloom, and the leaf colour is stunning.

Cherry blossom tree. My favourite tree in our yard. It’s right beside the garage/driveway and when the wind blows the flowers off, our vehicles look as though we drove through confetti throwers at a wedding.

Apple blossom tree. This tree produces macintosh apples in abundance. I must have made 8 apple pies last fall and still had to clean up a large pile in early winter as we didn’t get around to using them all. It was a shame to have those delicious apples wasted. Apple sauce seems the way to go with any left over apples this year. These flowers are a lovely white with slight streaks of pink.


10 thoughts on “blossoming trees

  1. Those are gorgeous! All of them. And so incredible that you have a Macintosh apple tree – 8 pies! Fantastic! You could also make apple butter with leftover apples….or try dehydrating them. So lucky!

  2. I’ve heard you need to plant 1 male & 1 female tree to get blossums pollinated, is someone pulling my leg?. Needless to say, your tree would charm the pants off any yard!

    • I have heard this as well. I’m not sure which ones need mates though. I think blueberry bushes ? Anyway, these trees were in our yard when we bought this house. None of them have partners and they bloom beautifully each spring.

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