a mother’s day gift

Being able to grow food for my family is a plan in the making – long time in the making. Where and how I would like to have my raised vegetable bed just isn’t possible at this time. Our large dog is a destroyer [just a few days ago he chewed through a garden hose], so until he calms down there will be no garden beds in the backyard. Anything I have attempted to grow he has eaten, even if it wasn’t food.

My oldest daughter and I have talked about growing strawberries in the large pot to put on the front porch. So when my husband took her to the store to get a Mother’s Day gift she knew exactly what she wanted to get. A strawberry plant ! She is so excited to watch the strawberries grow and we both can’t wait to eat them.

Happy Mother’s Day !


9 thoughts on “a mother’s day gift

  1. A large dog can be a help! We had a big Labrador who (really) helped me dig larger holes for bushes and trees. I think it was that Labrador desire to please that helped him know when to dig and when not to. Train the dog well…There are many ways to grow food in pots in the meantime.

  2. We have fencing and barricades up all around our garden areas and it *still* doesn’t keep our Basset out. He plowed right over one fence and dug up some peppers in the corner the other day. We feel your pain. :/

  3. A lovely present! I grew small strawberries in a hanging basket once when I only had a balcony, and I have seen trailing cherry tomato plants too…

  4. Such a lovely gift! Growing food for us to eat is one of my new year’s goals this year. I had to override my desire to ensure perfection and just go for it, but so far the squirrels have been my worst enemy! Happy mother’s day!

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