lovely trillium

They cover a wide area of my backyard just like the bloodroot when they were in bloom. I notice out here in the country part of town that everyone has trillium in their wooded part of the yard. Now I see why our province flower is the trillium – these flowers are everywhere in the spring. And they are just lovely surrounding our wood shed.

She must be the queen with her head held high. This one was about a foot tall. Sorry these photos aren’t great, I took them in the late evening.

From Wikipedia –

While it is a popular belief that it is illegal to pick the common Trillium grandiflorum (white trillium) in Ontario, in reality they are only protected in provincial parks and land owned by conservation authorities. However, the rare Trillium flexipes (drooping trillium) is protected by law in Ontario, because of its very small Canadian population.

A white trillium serves as the emblem and official flower of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is an official symbol of the Government of Ontario. The large white trillium is the official wildflower of Ohio.


8 thoughts on “lovely trillium

  1. Gorgeous photos! Trillium is one of my favorite flowers. I love coming across them in woodlands! We used to see them all over in northern Wisconsin when I lived there, and I also see them when we go upstate in NY. How great that you have so many close by, and what an awesome official flower!

  2. What wonderful surprises you have in your garden! I have been surprised by mint, and sadly as the gardening space is limited, I have to yank it since it is so invasive 😦

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