the brilliance of flowers

There is a real sense of relaxation and calmness in the garden. To feel the soil in your hands as you plant, and to see the vivid colours and the graceful flowers held high above the foliage is the beauty of having a garden to tend.

The petals of dahlia are traced with burnt red edges filled in with a brilliant yellow as bright as the sun to cheer up your surrounding colored space.
The orange-ish Iceland poppy opens its face with a brilliant smile to shine some happiness onto your day.
The fuchsia coloured flanders field poppy shoots its tendril at you right out of its center as if to catch your attention if it’s beauty wouldn’t.
The red-spotted yellow petaled humboldt lily dances wildly in the wind while telling the breeze, you can’t catch me.
The dark pink painted daisy is beautifully brushed onto nature’s canvas more perfectly than any Monet or Van Gogh.
The meadow foam’s yellow runs into its white like the moon chasing the sun out of the sky at night.
The white water lily so pure and pristine is a true beauty in any light.
The pink rose’s beauty swirls out from its center spinning into the world with love’s delight.
The African daisy is a vivid orange, intense and dazzling, crazy with love.
The California poppy is a paler orange with yellow dancing on the edge of its wings, is so light and delicate to the thought of a touch.

The calla lily is so sensual with its phallic like center jetting erotically out of its pure white petals.
The English daisy with its white face and button yellow nose will sit perfectly with your afternoon tea.
The Japanese flowering cherry is white with vivid delight, awake with colour and sight.
The African iris is a startling beauty in its white with gold and lilac outlined dress.
The yellow queen of sheba’s tulip tempts the passerbys with its curvaceous petals of the most sensual kind.
The purple iris screams at you with its yellow-white edged center, “look at me, I am the most beautiful of all”.
The yellow and red coloured gloriosa daisy whose petals grow so wildly crazy 1,2,3,4,5 – oh my, they are all so gloriously alive.
The violet blue iris named caesar so charming, so stunning, so full of delight opens its mouth with a touch of white.

Oh, all of these flowers do possess brilliance of the most highest kind for they are all sensual, startling, vivid, intense, dazzling, radiant and beautiful in their own right !


11 thoughts on “the brilliance of flowers

  1. I was so taken by your lovely words that I had to scroll back up to see the pictures and read it all over again! Really enjoyed this post. Thank you for making me smile!

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