roses in the mail

Back in February I decided to take the chance and order bare-root roses for delivery on April 30th. I’m so glad I did. What I received was nothing like what you could find at a garden centre, unless of course you go to a nursery specializing in roses which is hard to find in my area. I ordered three – Floral Fairy Tale, Pomponella Fairy Tale and a David Austin ‘Graham Thomas’, all of which are double roses.

I was a bit reluctant to try roses and they still make me nervous that I’ll lose them somehow, but I’m eager to try it out. I soaked the roses for a few hours, trimmed the roots, planted them to the required depth, trimmed the canes and gave them lots of water. I’m excited to see what this summer will bring !


7 thoughts on “roses in the mail

  1. Graham Thomas and all those listed are beautiful roses. I was scared to death planting my first bare root rose. My fears were relieved when the blooms began. Best of luck to you! Can’t wait to see pictures of your blooms!

  2. I have a Mr. Lincoln bare root I got in a few weeks ago. I don’t have leaves yet and I’m fretting. This will be my 3rd attempt and 3nd attempt in this garden at him so we shall see!

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