another discovery

There seems to be a lot of interesting things growing in my backyard that I never knew about until this spring. I was walking in the wooded area of our lot to get to the shed where I now keep all my gardening supplies and came across this white flower.

My first thought is Trillium, but I really don’t know for sure. There are quite a few of these, though none of the flowers are open more than the one in the picture. Most still have just the flower bud.

I also found several hostas leafing out [some appear to have thin, dark green leaves and some appear to have large, light green leaves] that I’m very tempted to move to the garden. Hey, who doesn’t love a free hosta !


11 thoughts on “another discovery

  1. It’s a trillium and it is rare and precious as well as beautiful. It will not take well to transplanting. They are often dark purple also so be on the lookout for the darker blooms – we have both colors growing near one another.

  2. do you know i’ve NEVER seen a trillium in person??!!! you are SO lucky to have these beautiful flowers growing wild on your lot! I know how excited you must be each day you see something different and unexpected on the property! Every time I move into a new place (I’ve moved ALOT) I always loved seeing what the ground would reveal come spring time! Fun, yeah?

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