dahlia and seedling update

The dahlia tubers are growing like crazy and I don’t have the room on my windowsill for them anymore. Just a couple of weeks ago the 3 pots furthest in the picture had barely anything coming up from the tubers, but wow, how fast they grow and start to take over the house ! I potted up the six spider dahlias just last week, so not much to show from them yet.  My plan as of right now is to plant these in the garden around May 15th, so in about 3 weeks time. It should be safe by then even though we were hovering around the freezing mark and experienced wet snow Monday night. Here’s to hoping May brings warmer, gardening weather.

These seedlings are petunia easy wave neon rose. I had also tried petunia shock wave ivory, but I only got one seed to germinate and it then died on me. The far left pot has phlox drummondii ‘chanal’ with another pot of these seedlings not pictured. I started them not that long ago and can’t wait to see them flower. This phlox, which is an annual, is supposed to be low-growing and a rose colour. The flowers even look like miniature roses, so this one will be interesting to see.

Dahlias in the clay pots and in the peat pellets. In the yellow pots are dianthus ‘grenadin white’ and ‘grenadin pink’.

So far so good, though I have lost some of the dahlia seedlings as they were neglected a bit, but I’m not too upset by it. I think I will stick to just sowing zinnia seeds since I do them straight in the garden when the soil is warm enough. I most likely took on too much seeds for a beginner to keep up with, and having no room didn’t help. I didn’t enjoy growing plants from seed as much as I thought I would and couldn’t find enough time in the day to baby the seedlings, water, make sure they had enough warmth and light… The failed germination was most likely my fault. I had variegated barbarea that didn’t germinate [they are in the jiffy peat pellets along the right side by the dianthus] and white astra that did nothing. If I decide on seeds again I should probably look into putting up a greenhouse first. I think getting enough light and warmth is key to starting most seeds.


One thought on “dahlia and seedling update

  1. Wow! You’ve inspired me to plant my dahlia indoors & get it going for a few weeks while it’s still cold out. I love checking out other people’s seeds! 🙂

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