plant monday – supertunia ‘white russian’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: petunia
Botanical Name: supertunia hybrid ‘white russian’

I have great love for petunias. My grandma gave my oldest daughter the nickname Petunia at birth and only calls her Petunia. Ever since the first spring of her birth I have bought a pot of petunias to have in her honour. This year I am especially keen on these Supertunias from Proven Winners. I haven’t picked up petunias yet this spring so I’ll have to check out what the nurseries have from PW.
So, for my daughter’s seventh birthday on Wednesday, the 25th, I have chosen a petunia for ‘plant of the week’ !

White Russian has a trailing habit and has amazing antique white blooms with a chocolate brown/plum veining, and what’s great about these Supertunias is they are self-cleaning so no need for deadheading. They do require a lot of water and fertilizing to help them perform their best all summer without losing energy.

Description – annual in almost all climates
Hardiness Zone – 10 & 11
Exposure – full sun
Mature Height – 10 “, spreads up to 36 “
Bloom Time – spring-hard frost
Bloom Colour – white with plum
Scent – none 

photo from Google images

6 thoughts on “plant monday – supertunia ‘white russian’

    • I saw that post late last night and thought that was too funny. I do the ‘plant of the week’ post in advance to schedule for Monday morning so when I saw your post I was like, whoa, that’s neat we picked the exact same petunia to feature. Heh.

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