blooming in the garden

Double tulips. These were in a Peter Cottontail mix with dark pink, white and white with slight yellow and pink markings.

Akebono tulip. These tulips have a red outline along the petals and this is the first one to open up.

Dasystemon Tarda mini botanical tulips.

Turkestanica mini botanical tulips.

The opening of Obdam double narcissus.

Ruffled pansies planted among the tulips and narcissi.

Rhododendron in full bloom.

A pansy keeping the leaves of Ivory Queen allium company.


15 thoughts on “blooming in the garden

  1. Quick question – am I wrong in assuming that tulips generally need a good winter chill to be happy? This is why I’ve never grown any because LA and LV don’t get very cold.

    • If you live where winters rarely or never reach freezing temperatures, tulips likely won’t grow all that well, but if you chill them before planting they should perform well for the spring. Refrigerate the tulip bulbs for six to eight weeks before planting. Place them in a paper bag away from ripening fruits. The best choices are Darwin Hybrids or Single Late varieties. The long, strong stems of these tulips are more tolerant of wind and rain, and their midseason blooms appear before hot weather or spring weather. I think you would have to dig them up after the foliage has died to chill them again, but I don’t know if they will come up again the following year.

      • Thanks for the information and advice! Considering how little space we’ve got in the fridge, I think I’ll just have to love them at the florist’s for now or from visiting your blog! I think this cold is also important fro peonies, which I ADORE!!! Ah well.

  2. contadinak – I’m not sure about peonies, but it’s possibly since they say it’s best to plant in the fall for better flowering in the spring so they must need that cool down for a few weeks at least. I planted 3 peony roots last fall and I’m anxiously waiting for them to bloom ! I love peonies as well !

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