windowsill geraniums

I woke up this morning to frost. The pansies slumped over with crystalized frost covering most of their blooms. Even though it is still quite cold they seem to be bouncing back in the sunlight. Maybe tonight I should move the pots to the garage to keep them for getting hit with frost again. Some leaves that were opening up on the hydrangeas look to have been bitten by the frost. Tomorrow is supposed to be a much warmer day, but that’s it. Just that one day and then several days of cold and rain. My daughter’s seventh birthday party is on the weekend and it’s supposed to be chilly with pop up showers. Lovely. April is shaping up to be much colder than March, and all I want to do is plant the dahlia tubers that are getting crazy out of control. After experiencing frost last night I realize that, yes, it really is too early to get out in the garden and plant.

Geraniums have always reminded me of hibiscus flowers.
I started a few geraniums last month and they are beginning to bloom. I also have two white geraniums, but only one flower has opened on one plant. The other buds on that stem died before getting a chance to open.  The other stem seems to have perfect little buds that will open soon.


7 thoughts on “windowsill geraniums

  1. I adore the scent of geraniums! When I was growing up, a neighbor let her geraniums go wild on a chain link fence and I used to pick them on my way to school. I loved the vibrant colors, but even more, I loved their heady and unique fragrance. To this day, when I smell geraniums, I’m immediately transported back to that time when life was so simple.

  2. I’ve never grown geraniums before but always love to see their pretty flowers. My husband thinks they’re too “Grandma-ish” b/c his grandma used to overkill on them, but maybe someday I’ll be able to sneak a few in. 🙂

    Love these photos!

  3. That’s a nice pink one. I took some cuttings last autumn; two survived and are just coming into bud, but it’s so cold here too. They will have to jostle for space for another couple of weeks!

  4. Hello,
    Thanks for “liking’ my post “Whether the Weather” on

    I admit it, I love geraniums! Old fasioned, but so reliably cheerful. They’re in the greenhouse now but will go out when it gets a little warmer.

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