I’m versatile and on fire !


Thank you so much to Stephanielane AND to Aimee at Red Garden Clogs for the Versatile Blogger award. This post is much overdue from when Aimee first nominated me a little while back. Thank you so much, ladies ! And a very humble thanks to Stephanie for the Blog on Fire award as well. I feel honoured and truly appreciate that you enjoy my blog.

I never know what to say when I’m put on the spot, heh, but I also wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the folks that come over to my blog each day, I love to read each and every comment and feel so much gratitude for the help and knowledge that everyone leaves for me ! It leaves me inspired with a much better understanding of gardening and plants. I’m just a beginner and always learning.

I started this blog just to keep track of what I have planted, what has worked in the garden and what hasn’t, and to store photos of my plants each year. I honestly thought I was the only person to have a blog based solely on gardening. I enjoy so many blogs here and so glad to have found many of you. Here is a list of some of my favourites. Hope you will check them out if you haven’t already.

Letters & Leaves – she has a gorgeous balcony garden and loves to write stories as well.

MOSS and IVY – she has the most beautiful garden I have ever seen !

The Iris and the Lily – gorgeous photographs, gorgeous garden.

greenbenchramblings – a retired teacher gardening in the UK. Wonderful blog !

Words and Herbs – Cathy blogs about gardening and food.

Persephone Writes – Angela is a writer with wonderful posts on poetry.

contadinak – a crafty gal with lots of photos of pretty flowers.

planthoarder – amazing photos from another obsessed gardener ! ; )

Going Native – Mary has a love for native plants and growing heirloom vegetables.

My Little Green Thumbs – a charming blog on gardening, kids and life.

Ok, now a few things about myself…

—I was vegetarian for years until I got pregnant with my first and I started to actually crave meat. I just try to limit red meat now.

—I live in skinny jeans or leggings.

—My brain doesn’t function until I have had a cup of coffee in the morning.

—My entire family lives in Britain, mostly Scotland.

—It has been my dream since high school to live in either California or Arizona. I LOVE the heat.

—During the week when the baby is napping and no one else is home I dance.

—I do natural parenting – I cloth diaper, babywear, homemade baby food, gentle discipline, extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping.

—I love anything by Margaret Atwood.

—I have had an obsession with baby names for many years. I would keep lists of all my favourites and was a member on a baby name message board for 10 years, up until last summer when gardening became my thing.

—Lastly, I am terrified to turn 30 in December, no clue why…

So, thanks again, everyone, for keeping up with my gardening surprises and dilemmas. I appreciate it very much.



9 thoughts on “I’m versatile and on fire !

  1. Hey there! What a beautiful surprise to see my blog listed here – you made my day! You totally deserve these awards and more for the fresh breath of nature you bring to the ether with every post. So glad I found you. Oh and no need to fear your 30’s – my 30’s were better than all that came before and I’m thinkin’ the 40’s are gonna rock the house haha!

  2. Congrats on your awards AND your birthday! My 30s were the best – so much better than 20s. I just turned 40 two weeks ago, and I have to say it seems to just keep getting better and better in ways I never foresaw or expected! Don’t be afraid!

    Love that you use cloth diapers! Eager to check out your links.

  3. Congratulations! I am a fellow gardener following your blog from Houston, Texas. I find reading about what is blooming in your garden in Canada quite different from the activity in my garden here in Texas. We had azaleas that began opening at Christmas and Spring sprang in March. I have children your age but they do not have a passion for the garden like you. I so enjoy learning of your botanical discoveries. Thanks and best of luck as you continue blogging.

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