violas and pansies everywhere

I made a productive day out of Easter Monday when my mum took the girls for a few hours and my husband had to work. I did dream of having quiet time on the couch, reading and sipping tea, but I had wanted to fill the flower boxes on the porch with violas so I headed out to a nearby farmers market to see what they had. It was a very cold, cloudy and windy day, though I still wanted to do some flower shopping. Do you know how hard it is pushing a stroller with one hand and pulling a cart filled with flowers with the other hand at a nursery ? I did it more than once last summer when the littlest was just a wee newborn, so being able to get out by myself and shop for flowers was very relaxing and peaceful for me. At this point there is mostly just violas and pansies available and a few hardy shrubs. The temp goes below freezing at night still, but in the next month everything should be available at the nurseries and I’ll be able to make up more annual flower pots !

sorbet blue heaven viola

sorbet coconut duet viola


There are 4 of these flower boxes along the porch. It has been windy all week so I’ve had to fix them up a few times. And on a side note – we are going to strip the paint on the porch and re-do it this summer. It looks horrible right now.

I got a little carried away and bought more than what I needed to do the flower boxes. I wanted to fill the urn as well so I picked up pansies and a few more violas for that, then a pot of pansies for the front door.

matrix sunrise pansy and one matrix yellow blotch pansy

sorbet antique shades viola and not pictured are two sorbet blueberry cream viola

The finished urn

And a pansy pot

Pansies are a new thing for me. Honestly, I never found them attractive. I think it’s such a common flower for spring and fall that I was tired of seeing them. But, I have become quite fond of them now and appreciate their beauty. I do love the little violas though – such beautiful, delicate little flowers.


5 thoughts on “violas and pansies everywhere

  1. Love all the purple! 🙂
    I have violas, too, and they make me happy just looking at them. And I did plant pansies, but they are very dark, almost a red-black. Called Phantom. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your large urn arrangement is spectacular!
    Oh! re: your comment about pansies being “common” and not buying them before now?? I always felt the same way, yet whenever I see them in public landscapes I think, “how pretty!! I love that!” Wierd, right? Last year I finally broke down and picked up a flat–what an inexpensive way to bring a punch of color to the yard!

  3. Yes, those large container arrangements are stunning! And I love the simplicity of violas in a window box – I’m considering planting them in mine this week, as a matter of fact! Nicely done!

    I have had several flowers and plants that I once felt were “common” or even boring…turns out once I got some garden space of my own, everything is new and interesting now! Pansies and violas included! I’ve stopped caring what anyone (including myself) thinks or used to think. 🙂

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