a new discovery

This past weekend the husband and I were doing some backyard cleanup as the girls played about on their swings. We have a fenced in yard plus an acre of forest behind the fence, and as we were bringing wheelbarrow loads of sticks to the back firepit I noticed a large scattering of white flowers. They covered about half of the area behind the fence which I don’t remember seeing last year but am sure they were there. I was intrigued and started taking pictures. I had no idea what this flower was, but was certain it was more than just a weed. They really were too pretty to be just that.

I searched and searched the internet, but couldn’t come up with anything that resembled the flowers. The part that struck me the most was the leaf that wrapped around the stem. I knew I had seen that somewhere so I started searching through blogs thinking I had read about it through a post. Then I happened to go through my posts and finally came across my Bloodroot post.

[I’m only like 98% sure that’s what it is so if anyone has a better idea of what they are let me know !]

I remember now that when I was researching bloodroot for a Plant of the Week post that they grow naturally in most parts of Canada. It’s funny because I had wanted to find bloodroot [well, the double-flowering kind] for my garden and this whole time I had a couple hundred in my backyard. I think they are an early spring flowering plant so last year at this time I most likely wasn’t paying attention since my love affair with plants really hadn’t begun yet.

Just thought it was neat that I have bloodroot throughout the backyard even if it’s not all that uncommon to have it growing naturally where you live.


11 thoughts on “a new discovery

  1. Lovely plant to discover. One I don’t know. When walking in a wood this week came across a mass of Wood Anemone, a little white flowered plant, just like your bloodroot. It lifts the heart doesn’t it?

  2. That’s awesome! It’s like when I realized (finally) that the other type of thornbush that was a little different from the pretty, the new one that I disliked because it had sparse flowers, was actually a raspberry bush.

  3. It sure looks like Bloodroot! Seems like the general consensus is saying yes. They are so ethereal and beautiful…how cool to come across them! I love trout lilies, trillium, and jack in the pulpits too.

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