plant monday – eastern redbud

Plant of the week –
Common Name: eastern redbud, Judas tree
Botanical Name: cercis canadensis

Last year I was blown away by the Eastern Redbud tree just up the street from me. This tree dates as far back as the biblical times and is native to Eastern North America often found naturally in woodlands and forests.

Eastern Redbud is a small deciduous tree. Its mauve-pink, pea-shaped flowers bloom in spring on bare branches, before the lovely heart-shaped leaves have a chance to emerge. The bark is smooth grey with reddish-streaks when the tree is young. In time, the flaky bark becomes a cinnamon colour, almost like Pacific madrone. Fall leaf colour is mid-yellow, quite bright and lively. Flat, reddish-brown pods hanging in clusters from the branches produce 10-12 shiny brown seeds per pod. These seed pods attract wildlife.

Whatever your gardening style or landscape look, a redbud will make an eye-catching addition to your spring decor. It’s a native tree that belongs in every yard !

Description – deciduous tree
Hardiness Zone – 4-9
Exposure –  part shade
Mature Height – 25 ft
Bloom Time – spring
Bloom Colour – pink
Scent – none 

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