the glory of chionodoxa forbesii

Chionodoxa forbesii alba or also called Glory of the Snow.
I bought just 10 of these bulbs last fall to try out and I love their delicate white flowers. This will be one that I’ll plant more of this fall. Maybe in small clusters throughout the gardens, though they do self-seed freely to form colonies and a single mature corm can produce as many as 10 flowers, so I probably shouldn’t go crazy and plant 100 more bulbs. They are also recommended for rock gardens, but I have these bulbs planted near daylilies so when those leaf out they will hide the dying foliage in the summer of the forbesii albas.

The more wild and common chionodoxa forbesii has blue flowers. Just as sweet as the alba, but there is something about the white star-like flowers that make them so attractive and compliment all spring colours in the garden. Certainly a lovely flower.


7 thoughts on “the glory of chionodoxa forbesii

  1. This is really funny – my best friend (lives around the corner from me) has the blue in her rock garden. They’re growing up through a super thick ground cover, and this week I told her that I’m going to come steal some of her bulbs. She said okay, and today I went & dug them up & transplanted them to my garden. How do you like that for ironic timing?

    If the bunnies don’t eat these, I’m gonna really load up this fall. 🙂

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