plant monday – bougainvillea ‘bengal orange’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: bougainvillea ‘bengal orange’, paper flower
Botanical Name: bougainvillea

Nothing evokes the feel of a tropical paradise quite as magnificently as vibrant bougainvillea plants. Their bright displays are called bracts that surround the inconspicuous true flowers. Bougainvilleas provide extended seasons of razzle-dazzle color when properly sited and maintained, and make great patio or houseplants in colder climates. Found in all different colours like salmon, gold, fuchsia, pink, scarlet and orange and grown as shrubs, vines and ground covers.

Bengal Orange is a vine with bright variegated foliage and tangerine opening to pink blooms. A great accent plant in a container with ornamental grasses and annuals.

Description – tropical vine
Hardiness Zone – 10 and up
Exposure – full sun
Mature Height –  18 in tall and 6-8 ft wide
Bloom Time – summer
Bloom Colour -pink/orange
Scent – none 

photo from Google

4 thoughts on “plant monday – bougainvillea ‘bengal orange’

  1. I have never had a bougainvillea, but perhaps I should look out for one for the patio this summer, as they are lovely. Thanks for posting about them!

  2. Thanks for the great post. I was bit by the bougainvillea bug when we lived in FL. I love them! I found a place here in NH last year that sold them. I really like the variegated leaves on your picture, I’ve never seen them before. Beautiful!

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