This past week has been the warmest on record. It’s hard to believe that there is still just under 2 months until planting season. I was out in the garden all week raking leaves, mending the soil, cutting back perennials, potting up dahlia tubers and just wanting to get my hands dirty. So much is coming to life and so much earlier than usual. This weekend is supposed to cool quite a bit, though, so who knows what April will bring. Maybe it will be payback for the gorgeous March and end of winter we had.

I found many plants coming to life. These photos were taken earlier in the week, so there is more growth now and some are even in bloom.

Hydrangeas starting to leaf out.

Mini Botanical tulips.

Double narcissi and double tulips.

Puschkinia libanotica striped squill. I have about 30 of these bulbs.

Cream beauty crocus.

Peony roots are sending up shoots.

Starting to see the many daylilies sprout their leaves.

Forbesii alba just starting to poke through.

Sedum postman’s pride.

The cherry blossom tree in our front yard is showing small buds. Last year it bloomed in the last week of May, it will be interesting to see when it blooms this year. It is so pretty when in full bloom, it’s too bad the flowers only last a week before the wind blows the petals all over the yard.


4 thoughts on “growing

  1. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your first signs of spring growth. My daffodils and forsythia are in full bloom much earlier than normal. The garden centers are so busy right now in New Hampshire where we have had 5 days of record warmth. Even though it has felt like summer here next week in will be in the 20’s here at night.

  2. We are having a very warm March with temperatures more suited to July with 20 degrees celsius today and the next week looks like following on the same. That cream flowered crocus is super colour.

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