Yesterday I received some succulents that I had ordered in February. I have never had succulents before so this is new to me, but I think they arrived looking wonderful. I had attended a class on terrarium making last summer at a nursery, but it wasn’t until 2 months ago that I really fell in love with these interesting plants. My whole plan was to make up a fancy terrarium. I couldn’t find a decent glass bowl at the department store, so I decided just to pot them up, at least for now. I found some nice glass terrariums online that I might order. Can these plants be moved around so much or will they get too stressed ? I’m not sure. I’m glad the order came with a care sheet, it helps a lot being new to succulents.

The two in the first photo are Echeveria haagi tolimaensis and Echeveria Harry Watson. The second photo has Echeveria Perle von Numberg, Anacampseros rufescens and Senecio mandraliscae.

Soil used for the succulents.

All potted up ! I’m very happy with the way they look. Valley Succulents has a large and unique collection of plants to choose from that I may just have to make another order and use those for the terrarium.
And, my daughter can’t stop feeling the plants, she likes the softness.


11 thoughts on “succulents

  1. I love succulents and just tried them myself last year. I wanted a very large pot near my deck full of them, so I got mine from a local garden center and was very pleased. There were really no work at all and I brought them in and wintered them over. They all survived! I can’t wait to get them outside and add to my “collection”. Had no idea you could order them online. I’ll def check out Valley Succulents. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of succulents. Little plants that thrive on neglect. If you cover the soil with pebbles it will stay more tidy when watering. I also found that watering by ice cubes helps maintain the right soil moisture. Enjoy!

  3. Lovely pot! Succulents are such fun and real troopers when I forget to water them. They should be fine with multiple transplantings. Two thoughts on the terrarium: I like to shop at thrift shops for glassware and be sure there’s plenty of ventilation since too much water is the easiest way to kill succulents.

  4. the beginnings of your own little ranchero! 😉
    succulents are so much fun…such variety and texture. The colors look different depending on time of day and amount of light…..I can almost guarantee you’ll buy more!
    great post!

  5. These look very cool. I’ve always been too afraid to get live plants/flowers for fear of forgetting to water them and killing them off. Are these easy to take care of?

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