taking in the blooms

image from Canadian Press

On Sunday I attended Canada Blooms which is Canada’s largest flower and garden festival. They teamed up with the National Home Show this year and we had free admission for buying tickets to Blooms. In its 16th year, the theme was ‘City Culture’ for 2012. It definitely smelled like spring with hyacinths and tulips planted throughout the show room. And many rhododendrons were in full bloom as well. One of the greatest features was the 6 acres of stunningly creative gardens that displayed tons of colour, texture and fragrance. This was the first year Canada Blooms designed an international garden, too, which was Taipei, but it wasn’t traditional Chinese. It was more of a contemporary attempt at an urban garden that you might see in Taipei. Bamboos, orchids, lotus and kwanzan cherry were among the feature plants, but it was the Medinilla from the Philippines that stole the show. This plant was everywhere and I got a lesson in how to care for these magnificent plants. I was very miffed at myself for not bringing one home with me. I completely regret this. The pink, pendulous flowers bloom for over 2 months and will bloom continuously throughout the year. A great indoor plant to have, I’m still bummed about not getting one. The plant you see in the first photo is the Medinilla.

Unfortunately, it was dim inside the building and my camera does not like dim lighting so many of my photos were extra blurry. The shots of the beautiful garden layouts did not turn out at all.

New hardy roses coming spring 2013 !

There were so many fabulous floral displays. The top florists around create stunning, eye-popping arrangements. They were all absolutely amazing with their generous use of very rare tropical plants and some found right in the Ontario garden. Neat ideas for creating a vertical garden and how to make the most of water features in the garden. There were also lots of hands-on workshops that taught you how to pot up your own wonderful planter. So much fun activities, even the kids got their own jungle gym. This will for sure be an event I attend every year.


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