the opening of a crocus bloom

Nothing says SPRING quite like a crocus bloom. This is the first bloom in my garden – a Cream Beauty crocus. The flower opened on March 15th on a gorgeous, sunny day which makes it 12 days earlier than last year. I love this crocus. To me, the cream-coloured blooms have a warm beauty to them. I have also preferred these over the common purple variety or any other. The photo makes the flower look a little more on the yellow side, but it is a true creamy colour in person. This crocus is a snow crocus which is shorter in stature and have more pointed petals than the larger flowering crocus. They have thin leaves with a very unique silvery stripe down the middle. Sadly though, several of the crocus bulbs had come up to the surface and were dead. I’m not sure what caused this, if it was the crazy winter weather or an animal. I have counted 19 bulbs still coming up. I can’t wait for them to all be in bloom !


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