plant monday – caladium ‘white queen’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: fancy-leafed caladium ‘white queen’, angel wings
Botanical Name: caladium x hortulanum

Fancy-leafed caladiums add uniqueness to a garden with large foilage being the main show. White Queen provides the eye-drawing power of white foliage and suppliments that with rich, deep red veins. The foliage is large, so the impact is significant, especially when planted along a path for everyone to admire. White Queen has large frosted-looking white leaves that have green margins and bright red veins that “bleed”. A great plant for full shade, it can also be grown in sun if provided with consistently moist soil. Its arrow-shaped leaves light up a dark spot in the garden and work well as an accent plant in containers. It can also be grown as a houseplant and tubers can be overwintered indoors.
Growing caladium tubers in cold-winter climates can be a challenge unless you start them early. Start them out in a tray kept under grow lights and use a heat pad to keep the soil warm. When they sprout move them to 4-inch pots until it’s time to go in the garden.

Description – tender tuberous-rooted perennial
Hardiness Zone – 9-11. Dig and store over winter
Exposure – part shade
Mature Height – 14″
 Bloom Time – summer-fall
Bloom Colour – white leaves with varying amounts of green, pink and red
Scent – none

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