a seedy project

First, an update on the seed bombs with herbs that I made several weeks ago.
They are coming up nicely so far. Here is a picture from a few days ago. I planted four of the bombs in this pot. The other bombs were given to a friend who wants to throw them in a part of her vegetable garden that is harder to reach.

This is the seed project I first mentioned in another seed ball post.
As spring gets closer my oldest daughter and I like to plant flower seeds in March to have pretty blooms just in time for them to go outside in May. We wanted to try a fun and creative way of making paper seed starters even if they do just get buried under soil for no one to see. We thought of mixing in coloured tissue paper and using cookie cutters to shape them. Here is our project –

Sweet Pea seeds were the flower of choice.

We shredded newspaper and tissue paper and divided them up equally into two bowls. Added water and stirred it around with our fingers. When the newspaper was soaked enough we pulled it apart into smaller pieces.

Strained all the water out with a colander as we pressed the mixture into the cookie cutters. It’s important to squeeze out as much of the water as possible.

The finished product – a star and a heart seed starter.
Sprinkled a few seeds on each and then they needed to sit for a couple of days to completely dry before planting. We got out two of her favourite planters, filled half way with seed starting soil, placed the seed starters in the middle and covered with more soil. These are her plants to take care of this spring.
Very simple and very fun, especially for kids !


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