plant monday – rose ‘blue bajou’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: rose ‘blue bajou’
Botanical Name: rosa floribunda

Not a true blue rose as the name implies, but this rose is an interesting lavender or light mauve colour that will appeal to many rose collectors. Blue Bajou has an upright growing habit with clusters of gorgeous, double blooms.
Floribunda roses, produce abundant clusters of colourful flowers over a long season and will often rebloom. Most bloom in clusters, while some may produce flowers only one to a stem. Floribunda roses are a cross between a hybrid tea and a polyantha. They are usually hardier, bushier, and more low growing than the hybrid teas. They make beautiful landscape roses, best used for borders, hedges or mass plantings.

Description – perennial
Hardiness Zone – 5-10
Exposure – full sun
Mature Height – 3 ft
Bloom Time – early summer-fall
Bloom Colour – Mauve
Scent – highly fragrant 

photo credit – magic garden roses

7 thoughts on “plant monday – rose ‘blue bajou’

  1. Love the color and that it’s highly scented. I may need to get one of these. I have two hybrid teas and the fragrance is intoxicating, as well as an heirloom climber, Cecile Bruner. Where can I order one?

    • Hi Angela. I know of one place to order Blue Bayou which is in Canada. They ship outside Canada, but not sure how much it would cost, and the cut off for orders is March 15th, so very soon. You can find Blue Bayou at under Floribunda. Palatine sends out amazing, healthy roses – it’s where I get mine.

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