botanical treats

I have never heard of Botanical Bakery before, but I think I’m addicted now. A friend and I often get together some Saturday mornings for coffee or tea. Today at our get-together she offered up some Garden Shorties that she got at Chapters and they were out of this world tasty ! Shortbread cookies with a buttery texture made with all natural ingredients, some of which are plucked straight fom the garden – a very neat idea for cookies. Lavender and Lemon Thyme were the two flavours she had [the lemon was fantastic], but upon further inspection I discovered Botanical Bakery also carries Fennel Pollen, Peppermint Cacao, Cinnamon Basil, Cardamon, and Ginger.

Each cookie starts with three organic ingredients: hard red wheat flour unbleached, fresh-churned 85-percent-sweet-cream butter and pure cane sugar. And I love how on each package there is a suggestion of pairings with tea, coffee and wine. You can pick up a box here to try. They also have sample sizes if you aren’t sure about a flavour.
I just have to try Fennel Pollen so I ordered a box.


7 thoughts on “botanical treats

  1. hehe..yep very cute leaf/lips.
    I am going to make some since I am SO far away….lavender and lemon thyme sound lovely…….but as for collecing pollen…gosh! hmm , I Do have some rockmelon flowers doing nothing and am cookig birthday dinner 2 nite for friend, and it is raining…….maybe some baking of bkkies…maybe….

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