plant monday – dicentra spectabilis ‘gold heart’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: bleeding heart gold heart
Botanical Name: dicentra spectabilis ‘gold heart’

These heart shaped flowers dangle from long wands above gorgeous chartreuse-yellow foliage. A stunning plant to brighten up a shade garden. The foliage typically mellows a bit in colour as the season progresses, but is still a stunning colour nonetheless. It is a clump-forming plant that typically forms a foliage mound of graceful, fern-like, golden leaves. Nodding heart-shaped, rose-pink flowers, usually 1” long, hang in a row on long arching racemes that bloom slightly above the foliage mound. I would love to plant a shade garden full of Gold Heart, or all Dicentra for that matter.
About 15 species make up Dicentra, a genus of perennials native to Asia and North America. The common name derives from the unusual heart shape of the flowers. They all prefer moist soil and very little to no direct sunlight. An old-fashioned gardeners favourite for many years.

Description – perennial
Hardiness Zone – 3-9
Exposure – part shade to full shade
Mature Height –  24 “
Bloom Time – late spring to early summer
Bloom Colour – pink
Scent – none

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10 thoughts on “plant monday – dicentra spectabilis ‘gold heart’

  1. My memory of this plant was when a teenage girl from St Petersburg Russia was helping me garden. (We were helping her family relocate due to domestic violence) I was carefully pulling weeds around the bleeding heart and she shared that at her family’s summer house these were considered weeds and she would pull out as many as she could!

  2. I used to use these in my garden when we lived for a time in Seattle. I don’t think they would grow well in my southern garden though. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hello Erin,
    greetings from Wet West Wales, Thanks for visiting my blog, and we love Dicentra too in our ‘mossy shade garden’ beneath larch trees, though we grow ‘alba’ not this variety, but this looks to be a stunning flower.Seeing where you’re based I wonder what month it will bloom in your garden? BW, Julian

  4. How Lovely, what gorgoeus heart shaped flowers..thanks ERin. I am now experiencing a great desire to grow this under my outdoor sitting area. I must do a search to see if it’s available in BRisbane,

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  6. I love, love, love bleeding hearts! I have a few varieties that I planted last year and I’m sure hoping they come back for me. I’m really looking forward to them.

  7. I love a dicentra too – we have one with white flowers. Several years ago we rescued a very sorry one from the reduced rack at our local garden centre, without much hope for it, and it turned into a lovely sturdy plant that gave us three summers of beautiful flowers before we moved from that house, leaving it in the garden for the next people.

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