is it time for garden shows ?

With this mild winter we have been having, my gardening fever is kicking into high gear. I can’t wait to get out in the garden and see everything in bloom again. When I think about it only being mid-February and the fact that I live in zone 5 I really can’t do much of anything until mid-late May which is when we should be all clear for frost. Yet, when I think about how my littlest will be 1 [!!!!] in June it seems so close, and how can it be that she will be 1 already ? I pretty much put myself into early labour [well, she was only 2 weeks early] by gardening every single day with planting and lifting and digging and raking. As much as I told myself to stop and slow down, I’m 9 months pregnant for sheesh sakes, I couldn’t help but be out there digging about. And though she may have been born only 5 lbs she is a healthy little thing. She was going to be small anyway if she was 5 lbs at 38 weeks and my husband and I are small, but don’t tell him I just told everyone that. Heh.

I must be feeling sappy and nostalgic today. Strange because I am very much looking forward to her understanding that night time is sleep time. All night long. Every night. But, she is teething in a bad way right now so I know she is feeling miserable with that. Poor thing.

Anyway, I need to get back on topic… my mum and I have scoped out garden shows for this upcoming spring and found a Flower & Garden Festival in Toronto from March 16-25th called Canada Blooms. I have never gone to a garden show before so I’m very excited, and with it being early spring it’s going to be great to be surrounded by flowers again ! Looks like they are also having a National Home Show which will give me free admission to that when I purchase tickets for to the garden show. Exciting, too, since another love of mine is decorating.

Time to go buy those tickets and then count down the days left until the show !


One thought on “is it time for garden shows ?

  1. Oh, you are in some for some fun at the show! I just attended the NWFG show after taking about a 10 year hiatus and it was great! Tons of info, great ideas and fun! Can’t wait to see what’s new in Canada if you review your show…

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