making seed balls

The baby was taking a longer nap than usual so I decided to whip up some paper seed balls. A friend and I did this last year around this time and they did very well. I have only used a mixture of herb seeds when making these balls, but I think I’m going to try a mixture of wildflowers or different perennials that work well together. They are fun to make, but very messy and goopy. I’m not sure where we got this ‘recipe’ from originally, but maybe it’s a fairly standard way of making seed balls/bombs with paper [?]. We also made these balls using coloured paper which looked very cool, and our kids loved helping out. Once the balls were finished we put them in pots  with soil and watched them grow. Wish I had pictures of those, I loved the way they turned out. I haven’t done anything yet with the ones I made today.

I do want to try these using the red clay and compost method as well.

Water and shredded newspaper.

Mixed into a blender. I have a separate blender for my experiments that don’t contain edibles.

All blended and yucky looking.

Adding in the herb seeds.

Soaking up all the water.

Shaping with molds.

I smoothed them out and immediately removed the balls from the tray so they could dry completely. This time I plan on taking photos once they start to sprout.


17 thoughts on “making seed balls

  1. Great …loved the piccies. I also like your ponderings….hehe….maybe read my blogs? there’re a couple of suggesions there of definitely interesting garden writing….

  2. I like the new header picture too! (and the bowl is very fabulous indeed.) I am so all over this seed ball project. I’ve never even heard of this before, although I have received gift cards on homemade paper with seeds embedded…but to make your own – wow! What a cool, fun, project for kids (and grown-ups who like to act like them.) I can’t wait to pass this on to a friend of mine who takes care of two kids as a “nanny.” She’ll love it!

  3. this is such a good idea! you could wrap these up in homemade packets and give them as spring presents to your friends and family! I love making things from scratch. Hope you’ll visit my blog soon!

  4. Erin, thanks for the great ideas. I’ve been experimenting with different seed ball (bomb) options so I can blog about it too. Finding dry red clay is very difficult so an alternative is a good idea for most people. Right now I have wet balls made from shredded newspaper mixed with compost; I’m attempting to see if they’ll hold their shape when thoroughly dry. Your recipe is similar to others I’ve seen. I’m considering adding a little flour paste to help hold them together and keep the seeds from falling off/out, though I’m concerned that may invite pests when they’re planted outside. Have you had any problems with the paper unraveling after it dries? Or with the seeds not staying in? I’ll need my seed balls to be sturdy as I traipse through the field sowing them. Thanks for any help you can give.

    • Hi Scott! I haven’t had any problems with these paper seed balls. The newspaper stays in the shape they were made into and none of the seeds have fallen out of place.I have never tried making these any other way and have never thought of the flour paste option, but I can see how it may be problematic with pests. I might have to look around the internet and see what I can find about it. Good luck!

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