plant monday – japanese dwarf flowering quince

Plant of the Week –
Common Name: Japanese flowering quince
Botanical Name: chaenomeles japonica

These ornamental plants are native to China and Japan. Their simple, five-petalled blooms look a little like apple blossom, but instead of a short floral burst in spring, they can often decorate the plant from the cold days of February until early summer. Although quinces flower over a long period, the main flush of bloom usually occurs in April. A profusion of rounded flower buds unfurl in clusters along the twiggy stems in pure white, the palest of pinks through to coral, flame and the darkest scarlet, depending on the variety. The flowers appear on bare stems, just prior to the emerging new leaves. The blooms are eventually partially hidden among the foliage. Tiny, rounded leaves emerge after the flowers and are slightly brownish as they open but mature into a glossy dark green. Small, pleasantly scented greenish-yellow fruit (quinces) ripen in fall, and, although quite bitter and unappetizing when fresh, may be used in jellies and preserves.

Description – deciduous shrub
Hardiness Zone – 5-9
Exposure – full sun
Mature Height – 3 ft
Bloom Time – late winter to late summer
Bloom Colour – pink, white or coral-orange
Scent – none 


26 thoughts on “plant monday – japanese dwarf flowering quince

  1. I love flowering quince so much. It was one of the at-the-top-of-my-list plants when we moved to a space with a yard, but unfortunately we just don’t have enough space or sunlight for it here…so it will have to go back to the “someday” list. Gorgeous photo!

  2. For twenty years, we lived in a house with a flowering quince right outside the front window. I miss the sight of those early blossoms–the announcement that spring is nearly here.

  3. Oh…I almost bought a one this weekend….now I wish I had. They have always been a favorite when visiting my local arboretum.This is definitely a sign. I’ll have to return and get

  4. At one time flowering quince were often called “japonica.” This led to a lot of confusion and I once had an elderly client tell me that I couldn’t be much of a gardener if I didn’t even know what a Japonica was. Even though we were both describing the same shrub for awhile neither of us knew what the other was talking about.

  5. Great picture of Quince. They grow really well over in England and my Mum used to make Quince jelly from the fruit; too bitter to eat fresh but cooked as a jelly it goes great on hot toast or as a garnish for roast pork. Getting hungry thinking about it!

  6. They are sure a surprise to see here in zone 5 – profusely blooming from within the plant instead of near the ends. I did make jelly out of it one year. Use lots of sugar! 🙂

  7. I love these plants. I had one once but sadly it died ater a few years. I must get a new one sometime. Thank you for looking at my Blog. I love gardening too. 🙂

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