an icy morning

And on this Groundhog Day, the little dude predicts an early spring for us in Canada. It sure felt like spring two days ago when temps were in the 50s and all this lovely ice and snow melted to nothing.

Branches from the apple blossom tree.

It later turned into a snowy afternoon.

The cherry blossom tree.

Branches weighed down from the ice and snow.


7 thoughts on “an icy morning

  1. Stunning pictures – that first one is especially lovely. I know everyone is happy that spring is on the way, but I missed winter this year and wished we had had a bit more snow down here. Yesterday was 62 degrees – unreal for February 1st!

  2. Hi Erin,

    Thank you so much for “liking” my blog. I am so happy to have discovered you. Your blog is gorgeous. And this post today is quite something to see. I remember ice like that when I lived back East. Hope you are nice and cozy inside!


  3. The ice is absolutely gorgeous. …we’ve had a pretty dry winter, so very little snow, virtually no ice…not much of a winter. Just really cold. (though it’s warming up now.)

  4. Hey thanks for stopping by and liking my latest post! Love your winter pics. Our winter here in Montana is usually so lovely but this year has been abysmal! I’m so tired of looking out my window and seeing dead grass where there should be SNOW 😛 Fingers crossed that’ll change soon. But until then, pictures like yours help me get my winter fix 🙂

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