6. blooms from the garden

Hydrangea Macrophylla ‘All Summer Beauty’


10 thoughts on “6. blooms from the garden

  1. Have you tried to dry any Hydrangea blooms? I think they are one of the most spectacular dried flowers. Side note- the pretty colored parts of Hydrangea blooms are sepals, not petals. That’s why, in part, they are more stout and dry so well. (Confessions of a plant geek)

    • I have only dried my Annabelle blooms and had them in a vase (without water) over the holidays – so beautiful. I would love to dry these blooms next winter. And yes, the sepals of hydrangeas are gorgeous.

  2. Aha! It’s gorgeous! And it does indeed look familiar to me – like the one in my yard that bloomed before I mistakenly pruned it back! Yours has such a delicate gradation of color – just beautiful. Love the peony photos you’ve added to the site too!

    • My ‘all summer beauty’ hydrangeas are still babies. Well, I may only have this one since my dog ate most of the other one I planted in the backyard. But, I thought it looked quite a bit like the one you were questioning in your recent post. It’s funny, this one in my front garden was blue and the one in the back garden was light pink. The acidity levels must vary greatly in those two gardens.

  3. They are gorgeous! Not leggy at all. Do you plant from seed or cuttings? I rescued a couple last year. I’m hoping this year they will have recovered from their ordeal. It sure would be nice if they look as great as yours do in this picture.

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