the little hyacinth that could

I don’t believe I have made a post about the Hyacinth bulbs that I rescued from a friend’s basement. She had 5 bulbs in a box that had been sitting since winter of 2010, apparently. I noticed the box almost immediately when we were down there digging out her Christmas decorations at the end of November. The box had ‘Hyacinths’ written in black marker across the side. I asked what was in it and she said, “oh, flower bulbs of some sort, they’ve been there forever”. She is NOT a gardener so I forgive her for neglecting these little bulbs. I told her I was taking them home with me in hopes that I could save them, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath. They were seriously dry, very shriveled and starting to flake apart in a bad way.
I got out my very best soil and bulb booster, planted them and watered, watered, watered. Here is the progress so far –

3 of the bulbs have come up which is 3 more than I thought would survive ! I’m going to guess that the colour will be the usual purple/blue, but I’m kind of excited to see. I have never grown Hyacinths before and I hear they smell fantastic, so I can’t wait for these to bloom. The first sight of green really surprised me and I should have taken pictures then, but didn’t think of it. My daughter has claimed ownership and it sits on her bedroom windowsill. The little gardener in her knows that she has to tend to it and make sure the soil stays moist.

Photos to come when they bloom ! Has anyone grown Hyacinths before? They wouldn’t look right in my garden, but I do like the idea of the ones you can force indoors. This might be an every year thing (not finding them in my friend’s basement, I mean buying them from a nursery, heh). My daughter is already saying she wants the pink Hyacinths.


14 thoughts on “the little hyacinth that could

  1. How fabulous that you were able to bring some of them back to life! I haven’t grown hyacyinths – only Muscari (Grape Hyacinth) – their tiny little cousins. (not even sure they are related, actually.)

    BUT – hyacinths definitely do smell incredibly, unbelievably, intoxicatingly strong and sweet. Great project for your daughter to help with, forcing them inside each year!

    Bonnie Michelle -HOLY CAMOLE what a score! 50 bulbs?? Wow.

    • I love the look of Muscari. I almost bought a couple dozens with my spring bulb order last fall, the two toned variety, but I didn’t end up getting them. Got Chionodoxa Forbesii Alba (or ‘Glory of the Snow’) instead.

  2. I love hyacinths…isn’t it amazing how the bulbs survived all of that neglect? I once bought some daffodil bulbs, forgot about them, found them a year or so later and threw them into one of the beds outside my kitchen…the bulbs were mushy and couldn’t possibly be good…well, shows just how much I know…they’ve been coming up every spring since then.

  3. LOL what is it with the poor hyacinth?!

    I, too, forgot about a bag I bought at Sam’s Club one year. They got shoved to the back of a cabinet!! When I found them a few winters later, I did exactly as you: threw them in a pot, placed it on my parlor radiator under a window…in January…in Massachusetts….and hoped for the best.

    Dang things lived and bloomed! When spring came, i dug them into an area outside and they lived happily ever after!

    great plants…mine were a mixture of purple and pink.

  4. Beautiful blog, I love the header and background photos.
    Yes, I’ve had the pleasure of growing hyacinth before. Here in Orange County, CA (Zone 10) it doesn’t get cold enough for them to re-blooms, so I usually just place each bulb in a pretty hyacinth vase. It’s a nice alternative: the bulb sits in a “cup” at the top of the vase, and the roots grow downward into the water (no soil). If you google “hyacinth vase” you can find some that are darling. (P.S. Thank you for ‘liking’ my Room With A View post! : )

  5. I think the gardener in us forces us to “rescue” these poor plants. I love hyacinths, and although I have more of the grape hyacinths than the one like you have rescued, I enjoy them all. Keep on rescuing! Enjoyed your post… can’t wait until I get back home to play in my gardens!

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