red lion is in bloom

I didn’t think this Amaryllis was ever going to bloom. I had planted it a week before Exotic Star and that one bloomed on New Years day. Plus, one Exotic Star plant sent up another stalk and flowered last week !

Red Lion has a gorgeous red colour, but the pollen is everywhere as you can see in the second picture. Even so, these flowers are definitely brightening up the grey, gloomy day we are having. I’m sad this is my last Amaryllis to bloom – I’m wishing I had bought more than just 3 bulbs, but there is always next fall. I want to plant several different colours for a lovely display in my kitchen windows and dining room table. Maybe I’ll even remember to get the Christmas-blooming variety before Christmas this year.

Blooms getting ready to open.

Enjoying a light sprinkle of rain outside, just for a few minutes.


8 thoughts on “red lion is in bloom

  1. I always cut the pollen out of the flowers. I am not sure what harm it does to indoor plants, but it sure keeps things a lot cleaner.

  2. Wow – that is a show stopper for sure. Gorgeous color! I’ve never forced bulbs indoors before this year – someone gave me some paperwhites. I’ve seen several stunning amaryllis on blogs lately, so I’m tempted to try next year!

  3. Lovely red. How tall were they when they bloomed? I gave some Amaryllis as Christmas gifts, and the one I actually got to see blooming was only 12 inches tall. In the past the tall, floppy characteristic of Amaryllis has sometimes been disappointing, but maybe there are shorter varieties available and I just didn’t know it. Either way it is such a treat to have fresh, blooming plants in January.

    I also planted some Paperwhites and I’m really enjoying their spring-like blooms.

    • My ‘Red Lion’ is 16 inches and the ‘Exotic Star’ is almost 22 inches. The flower stalks seems to be holding up fine. I was worried about the ‘Exotic Star’ because of how tall they were. It was my Paperwhites that had to be tied and then tied some more. They are so pretty though !

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