plant monday – coneflower ‘double decker’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: coneflower ‘double decker’, ‘doppelganger’
Botanical Name: echinacea purpurea

A very unique form of the popular perennial – the coneflower. ‘Double Decker’ is a magenta-pink daisy flower with a second smaller flower produced on top of each dark brown central cone. In the first year, these plants typically will only produce single blooms before becoming double in their second year. Coneflowers are very sturdy and care-free plants that are true butterfly magnets. Coneflower seed-heads are a favourite food of migrating and overwintering birds. If you leave the spent flower-heads in place in late fall, you will find that they are very good at attracting birds to your yard. ‘Double Decker’ is a great addition to any garden adding colour and unique beauty.

Description – perennial
Hardiness Zone – 3-9
Exposure – full sun
Mature Height – 30 ”
Bloom Time – mid summer to early fall
Bloom Colour – magenta pink
Scent – none

photo credit – Thienemans

4 thoughts on “plant monday – coneflower ‘double decker’

  1. I have never seen this variety. I have the single version in my yard and there is always something buzzing or fluttering around them!

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