rooftop gardens

I find this concept intriguing.
I found a few that I especially like, but I was remembering one that I saw in my hometown last summer. It caught my eye, of course. It looked like a tropical oasis from the street and I was very tempted to knock on the owners door for a visit through the garden. Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time I randomly stopped at someone’s house to admire their garden. Heh.

Now if only I had a flat rooftop…

Rooftop garden in Seattle, Washington.

St. Luke’s International Hospital in Akashi, Tokyo.

These London residents turned an ugly parking lot into a lovely place to gather.

This garden is part of a spa/health club complex in San Francisco, California.


13 thoughts on “rooftop gardens

  1. Having a rooftop garden is like having your own private world designed to your specifications. I imagine most of the people who have them see them as an escape from the concrete and steel jungle they live in. I would love to design one for one of the condos that dot the river banks where I live.

  2. These are so nice…there’s a small rooftop garden in the downtown area of the city I live in…I’ve always wanted to make my way up there and see what all they have growing…maybe I’ll just knock on their door someday…

  3. Wow – those are some pretty serious-business rooftop gardens! I especially love the pretty, casual feel of the London garden. I fellow blogger in Brooklyn plants veggies on her rooftop every year…wind is an issue, but she harvests a pretty good haul each year! Plant where you can, I say!

  4. Thanks much for posting the rooftop gardens. I am interested in the progress being made in that direction – so important. I think my dream would be to live in the city and have such a garden. Sort of the best of both worlds. Here on Lake MIchigan it is all so very different, including weather from where you are. Winters are long but the Summers are wonderful. I try to post many of the photos on this blog using Lake Michigan as a background. Even in Winter, the lake helps! Jack

  5. I just wrote the posting about being on Lake Michigan and now noticed it used a different blog not my garden blog. My garden blog is: that is where you can find so many photos of the gardens here on the shore of the lake. Enjoy. Jack

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